Neighbourhood Planning Information and Guidance

We have produced Neighbourhood Planning Guidance which can be downloaded and information on funding and preparing a neighbourhood plan can be found on the My Community website.

Resourcing neighbourhood planning  

The   Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), who are responsible for introducing neighbourhood planning has provided funding to councils developing Neighbourhood Plans. The contact details for these organisations can be found in the useful links section on this page.

We have a duty under the Localism Act to offer help and advice to local councils producing neighbourhood plans.
This advice will vary with each plan and therefore local councils are advised to discuss their intentions at a very early stage to determine when and at what level this assistance may be offered.

We will also fund and organise several of the statutory stages in the neighbourhood plan making process, namely:

  • The designation of the neighbourhood area
  • The independent examination
  • The referendum

Applications to designate neighbourhood areas

As part of the Neighbourhood Planning Process, Parish Councils are required to apply to designate the area that they wish to plan for.

A consultation period of 6 weeks is allowed for any public comments to be made to the following email address or alternatively you can write to us at Neighbourhood Plans, Guildhall, Marshall’s Yard, Gainsborough, DN21 2NA.

Any comments received within this time will be considered as part of the formal designation process. West Lindsey District Council Prosperous Communities Committee considers the progress of our neighbourhood plans.

Community Right to Build Order

The Localism Act 2011 introduced Neighbourhood Planning and Community Right to Build Orders. these are, in essence, planning permissions, granted by the community in order to deliver a community project. these can include:

  • Community facilities such as shops and public houses
  • Play grounds
  • Community centres
  • Libraries
  • Health facilities
  • Housing

Within West Lindsey, Laughton is now preparing a Community Right to Build Order for a play area. This will be produced as part of the Laughton Neighbourhood Plan.

To enquire about starting a neighbourhood plan, please complete the Designation Request Form or email