Listed buildings

Listed buildings

A listed building is one that is included on The National Heritage List for England.

Buildings that are listed

  • Generally all buildings before 1700
  • Most buildings between 1700 - 1840 if not badly altered
  • Special architect designed buildings of 1840 to the present day

All listed buildings are graded. There are 950 listed buildings in West Lindsey:

  • 1 - Grade A
  • 59 - Grade I (the highest grade)  
  • 79 - Grade II
  • 809 - Grade II 
  • 2 - Grade C

Listed building consent and repairs

Consent is needed for the demolition of all or part of a listed building, or for any alterations or extensions that would affect its architectural or historic character. This covers works to the exterior, interior and also buildings or structures attached to it, or within its curtilage.

As long as the repair is exactly like for like, consent is not required. Standard windows are unlikely to be like for like, as are artificial slates and tiles for the roof.

If in doubt, please contact us for advice as it is a criminal offence to alter a listed building without consent.

Listed buildings at risk

To be included on the Listed Buildings at Risk Register structures need to exhibit a combination of factors. There needs to be a degree of structural deterioration and if the building is vacant or unsecured, the degree of risk is much higher. English Heritage guidelines have been used to measure the degree of risk, which is measured on a scale of 1 to 6; BAR1 being extreme risk and BAR6 not at risk. To be included on this register a building needs to be within categories BAR1, 2 or 3. These grades should not be confused with the listing grades.

The register helps focus action and priorities on these buildings. It defines the scale of the problem, and helps in securing funding. It is a tool to help guide all parties interested in securing the future of this irreplaceable part of our heritage.

Historic buildings

Lincolnshire County Council provides conservation advice on the county’s historic built environment which includes buildings of special architectural or historic interest, townscapes and villages, as well as historic industrial sites.


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