Customer comments

Customer comments

Here you can view some of the positive comments made by the homeowners that have used our services.

3 March 2018: Regards the service I have received  over the years Building Control have got more reasonable and more helpful.  I will recommend them to whoever I discuss any project.  Thank you

26 October 2017: West Lindsey have provided a very professional service throughout our 2 year development.      

7 July 2017: We needed advise on our application, your surveyor visited our property and used their professional knowledge and experience and was extremely helpful.

20 June 2017: I have found the whole process easy and all staff I have had contact helpful, professional and friendly.

1 June 2017: Very helpful, friendly and punctual. Excellent service. Thank you.        

2 March 2017: The Building Inspector visited both times as arranged.  He was professional, friendly and happy to answer questions and explain matters as they related to our particular circumstances.

30 December 2016: Your service has always been brilliant and continues to be so.

25 November 2016: Very professional from start to finish. Couldn't have wished for better service.

18 October 2016: All staff I spoke to were very helpful and supportive. Thank you.

27 June 2016: I felt that the surveyors conducted themselves in a professional manner and were very courteous.

18 April 2016: Building Inspectors attended quickly after request.  Gave good advice and discussion. Very satisfied with the service.

23 March 2016: Great service, with lots of good advice. Thank you.

14 February 2016: Very happy with service, good advice given. Prompt visits same day visit.

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