Sustainability, Climate Change and Environment Strategy Development

Following a decision taken by the council in November 2019, work is being undertaken by a group of Councillors and Officers to develop a strategy in readiness for May 2021. Cllr Tracey Coulson has been appointed Member Champion for Environment & Climate Change and she chairs this working group. The strategy will explore innovative ways to reduce:

  • the council’s carbon footprint
  • support communities
  • promote bio-diversity
  • boost the economy and encourage job growth
It will support the council’s vision that West Lindsey is a great place to be where people, businesses and communities can thrive and reach their potential.

The strategy will be based around a number of key themes that combine to form three distinct areas of focus:

Sustainability, Climate Change and Environment Strategy key themes
Green Strand
Key Focus
Green Council
Own activity/emissions
Carbon Management Plan/Project delivery
Green Communities
Facilitation/Partnership Town/Parish Council initiatives
Green District/Economy
Leadership influence
Green Development Zones/Agriculture


We have produced a summary document and a draft strategy which set out actions the council could take to achieve its goal of reaching a net-zero carbon position across its operations by 2050 and for the district of West Lindsey to achieve the same.

We now want to share our thoughts with as many residents and businesses across West Lindsey and obtain your feedback on our plans. We are running a short survey which will run from 24 November to 31 December 2020.

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