Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), now the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, requested that each local authority publishes its own Greenhouse Gas emissions report locally on its own website showing the total CO2e (for England only). This supports the localism agenda by ensuring that local authorities are accountable to local people for their greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon emissions previously reported under NI 185 have been converted into the greenhouse gas emissions format following Department of Energy Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) guidance: this is the same guidance that other organisation’s follow which means the councils emissions can be compared to other organisation’s both locally and nationally.

This guidance is available on the Defra website.

The Council’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report measures CO2e emissions in tonnes since the baseline year of 2008/09: and shows that West Lindsey District Council has reduced its emissions by a total of 40.17% which is 681t in the period 2008/09 to 2020/21; download full report below.