Large Community Grant

Large Community Grant


The Large Community Grant aims to help support larger scale community projects that need more than just small awards of funding. This scheme provides capital funding to help with things like building refurbishments, environmental improvements, recreational facilities and community businesses.

We have 2 rounds each financial year to award grants from this scheme. Decisions are made by our community grants review panel and support to projects is provided by the fund administrator. This scheme is administered on behalf of the council by Community Lincs.

Deadlines for this scheme

This scheme is open to applications at any time. Applications will be submitted to the next available review panel. There are 2 review panels each year. The scheme will run until March 2018 but may close earlier if funds are all awarded.

2015 Deadlines:

  • Friday 18th December 2015

2016 Deadlines:

  • Friday 25th March 2016
  • Friday 30th September 2016

2017 Deadlines:

  • Friday 31st March 2017
  • Friday 29th September 2017

2018 Deadlines:

  • Friday 30th March 2018

How much can we apply for?

The maximum grant available is £8,000
The minimum grant available is £500

What match funding is required?

We will only fund up to 80% of the total project costs.

Here is a funding example:

“On a project costing £10,000 in total you can apply for up to 80% of this cost which would be £8,000”.

Who can apply to this scheme?

The following types of organisations are eligible to apply:

  • Town Councils
  • Parish Council
  • Social Enterprises
  • Community Groups
  • Registered Charities
  • Voluntary Sector Organisations
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Faith or Religious organisations*
  • Schools or Academies*

* As long as the project is for wider community benefit

Who cannot apply to this scheme?

The following types of organisations are currently not eligible to apply:

  • Profit-making organisations
  • Informal groups or individuals
  • Organisations delivering projects outside of West Lindsey
  • Sole use facilities which are not open/accessible to the whole community

How do I apply to this scheme?

You can find more detailed information about this scheme in our Guidance Notes available to download on this page.

To apply to this scheme please contact us to request an application form. We will do a quick check to make sure you are eligible before you start completing the application form.

Once you have completed the application form you can submit it via e-mail or post.

Contact Details

If you have a query about this scheme or need further advice please contact Community Lincs.

Telephone: 01529 301951 or 01529 301962

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