Grounds maintenance

We are responsible for grounds maintenance on all council owned land. This includes grass cutting, shrub/rose/flower bed maintenance, hedge works and tree works. The service is provided by an external contractor.

The areas covered are listed below:

Old Area Office grounds, Caistor

Footpath, Hersey Rd/Saxon Way, Caistor

Bridge Street car park, Gainsborough

Danes Road amenity area, Gainsborough

Heapham Road recycling centre, Gainsborough

Highfield Close/Corringham Road Footpath, Gainsborough

Holmes Walk, Gainsborough

Marlow Road Footpath, Gainsborough

Queensfield football field, Gainsborough (redundant)

Sandsfield Lane playing field, Gainsborough

St Georges kick about area, Park Springs, Gainsborough

Churchyard, Glentworth

Churchyard, Keelby

Churchyard, Kirkby

Churchyard, Legsby

Cemetery Legsby Road, Market Rasen

Churchyard Market Rasen

Festival Hall car park, Market Rasen

John Street car park rear entrance, Market Rasen

Churchyard, Middle Rasen

Churchyard, Morton

Churchyard and Cemetery, Nettleham

Churchyard, Nettleton

Churchyard, Normanby by Spital

Churchyard, North Kelsey

Churchyard, Northorpe

Churchyard and Cemetery, Reepham

Churchyard, Saxilby

Churchyard, Scotter

Cemetery and Churchyard, Springthorpe

Village green, Springthorpe

Churchyard, Torksey

Whitton Gardens, Gainsborough

Guildhall Grounds, Gainsborough

Parish Church Grounds

Leisure Centre, Gainsborough

Town clock Heaton Street, Gainsborough

Ashcroft Road Park, Gainsborough

Riverside, Gainsborough

Green space off Heapham Road industrial estate, Gainsborough

Little Church Lane, Gainsborough

North Street car Park, Gainsborough

Sandsfield Lane North, Gainsborough

Middlefield Lane strip, Gainsborough

Market Arcade, Gainsborough

Hickman Street Car Park, Gainsborough

Roseway garden, Gainsborough

Cleveland Street garden, Gainsborough

Trinity Arts centre, Gainsborough

Curtis Walk, Gainsborough

We are not responsible for grass cutting on:


If any area is missed or the work is considered to be of a poor standard, please let us know by ringing 01427 676620.