Environmental Protection Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information

The most commonly requested data for the following topics for the last 6 years can be found below:

  • Statutory Nuisance (covering noise, smoke/bonfires, odour/flies and light nuisance)         
  • Public Health (overgrown gardens, contamination by excreta, vermin)   
  • Notices/Fixed Penalties served, Prosecutions and Convictions
  • Environmental Protection Service costs, fees and charges (listed as Pollution Control)

Environmental Information Regulations

Information regarding the environment that the Environmental Protection team holds can be found on the following web pages:

You can log a Freedom of Information and/or an Environmental Information Regulation request here

Charging for Environmental Information Regulation requests

Under The Environmental Information Regulations 2004, Part 2 Regulation 8(1) for certain requests we are allowed to request that a minimum charge of £78.00* is paid for providing the information requested. Advance payment is required and the information will be provided no later than 20 days after payment.

Each request will be assessed to see if the information requested reaches the chargeable threshold which will be based upon the time taken to locate, retrieve, extract and summarise the information required. This charge also covers any disbursement costs.

If after 60 days no payment is received the request will closed.

*Charge amount valid from 01 April 2021 until 31 March 2022


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