Anglian Water and Severn Trent Water took over ownership of private sewers and lateral drains that extend beyond individual property boundaries on 1st October 2011.

Sewers are now the responsibility of the water companies and the cost of repairing and maintaining these public sewers are covered by sewerage charges.

Owners and occupiers have responsibility for those pipes within their property boundary which take waste water away from their home.

Any pipes which do not connect to your system will also remain in private ownership and further information can be found on Anglian Water or Severn Trent Water’s websites.

If you have a private pumping station serving your property you will still have responsibility for this. Pumping Stations will be subjected to a phased-in transfer and should be completed by 2016.

If you think there is a problem in the public sewer please telephone the relevant water company.

Anglian Water: 0845 7145 145

For Severn Trent: 0800 783 44444

Additional information regarding drainage can be found at DEFRA and the Environment Agency.