Air quality

The Government, through the Environment Act 1995 (Part IV) has placed a duty on local authorities to periodically review and assess the air quality within their areas in line with the objectives in the National Air Quality Strategy. The law also gives new powers for action, enabling local authorities to declare Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) to control emissions to so that air quality objectives can be complied with, within the time table set out in the Strategy.

There are several industries in the district with the potential to pollute that are controlled by Environmental Permits. These industries (which include concrete batching processes, animal feed manufacturers, quarries and petrol filling stations) have their emissions controlled by a range of legally enforceable conditions. These processes are subject to regular routine inspection.

The Environmental Protection team also responds to complaints regarding other air pollution issues, such as smoke nuisance from bonfires, emissions of dark smoke and offensive odours.

Environmental Protection Team

Housing and Environmental Enforcement
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