CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment; is a mandatory scheme aimed at large energy users in the public and private sector. The scheme is designed to encourage organisations to reduce their carbon emissions. Qualification for the scheme is based on organisations that have at least one half hourly electric meter (HHM) and consumed over 6000Mwh in the baseline year of 2008. Qualifying organisations register as participants through the Environment Agency.

Organisations that have half-hourly meters but used less than 6000Mwh in 2008 had to make an ‘Information Disclosure’ to the Environment Agency. Failure to register or comply with the scheme can result in financial penalties.

For more information and the latest updates go to CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

West Lindsey District Council registered on the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme in September 2010 and successfully made an Information Disclosure on the CRC Registry stating that our current energy usage is well under the qualifying threshold. The council continue to maintain evidence that demonstrates we do not qualify as a CRC Participant; as was required. It is possible in future years the threshold may be lowered but as yet the council are exempt from the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme due to our low energy usage.