Community Led Planning

Community Led Planning

What is Community Led Planning

A Community Led Plan (CLP) also known as a Parish Plan, sets out a shared vision for the community and identifies the actions needed to achieve it. It is up to the community to define the issues to be tackled by the plan. The CLP process enables the whole community to voice their opinions on what actions they wish to see taken in their local area.

Community Lincs is the lead agency for CLP and their website gives comprehensive information about how to undertake one and what support is available. They also have example CLPs to give you an idea of what’s involved.

The new Localism Act 2011 gives communities new rights and a CLP will provide clear evidence of your community’s priorities and help you build a convincing case under Community Right to Bid or Community Right to Challenge.

We recognise the importance of CLPs and have produced our own protocol for working with communities.

For more information on Community Led Planning please contact Community Lincs


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