Selective Licensing

The Selective licensing scheme which was in force in the South West Ward of Gainsborough from 18 July 2016 came to an end of 18 July 2021. The licences which were in force ceased on this date and the associated conditions are no longer in force. West Lindsey District Council retains its other powers relating to property standards and conditions regardless of the end of the scheme, however, no action is required from landlords in respect of the scheme ending.

We are now seeking to continue and expand on the work carried our previously to include the designation of the entire South West ward of Gainsborough, as well as Gainsborough North, Hemswell, Market Rasen and Wold View wards. A recent comprehensive review of privately rented properties across the district has identified these wards as having a high level of properties in poor condition and anti-social behaviour which is an issue in Gainsborough South West ward.

We want to hear your views on the proposed scheme and are asking landlords, private-rented tenants, residents and all other interested parties to participate in our consultation. Your views are important and could make a difference to the direction that our plans take. For more information on the scheme and how you can get involved, please visit the consultation page.

The findings from the consultation will be reviewed by us and presented at West Lindsey District Council's Prosperous Communities Committee in July 2022. The findings will be publicly available. If you have any queries in relation to Selective Licensing, please send your query to: