West Lindsey Housing Assistance Policy 2018-2022

West Lindsey Housing Assistance Policy sets out the financial assistance available for residents of West Lindsey to both improve their property standards and remain living safely and independently within their homes.

There are 2 main elements to this policy:

Disabled Facilities Grants - West Lindsey has extended funding options to its residents who require assistance to remain living safely and independently in their homes. This policy sets out who can be helped and in what way they can be helped to remain in their homes.

Download a summary of Disabled Facilities Grants [pdf / 184Kb]

Capital Program - Aims to return long term empty properties back into use, improve property standards and incentivise home ownership focusing on the Gainsborough area.

Download a summary of the Capital Programme [pdf / 167Kb]

If you would like more information on any of the above grants please refer to the Housing Assistance policy or contact the Housing and Environmental Enforcement team on 01427 676676. 

Applying for assistance

Disabled Facilities Grant – in order to apply for any type of Disabled Facilities Grant, please contact the housing team on 01427 675190 or e-mail dfg@west-lindsey.gov.uk    

Capital Program – in order to apply for assistance under the Capital Program, please e-mail emptyhomes@west-lindsey.gov.uk