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The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 requires the council to licence sites that have planning permission, or are in the process of acquiring, to operate as a caravan, mobile home or park home site. West Lindsey District Council attaches conditions to the licences of all caravan and park home sites, specifying the minimum standards that must be achieved and maintained by the site owner.

In 2013, the Mobile Homes Act 2013 (MHA 2013) was introduced in phases to give greater protection to occupiers of residential caravan and mobile homes on “relevant protected sites” or residential sites.

Annual site inspections

West Lindsey District Council have taken the decision to no longer undertake annual site inspections or charge an annual site licence fee.

West Lindsey District Council will continue to respond to and investigate complaints of non-compliance with site conditions and take the relevant action that comes from those investigations.

Residents of park homes can report non-compliance with site rules using the Residential caravan site complaint reporting form.

Section 1 - gave local authorities the ability to introduce fees (both on application and an annual licence fee

Section 2 - gave local authorities discretion on whether to issue or transfer site licence

Section 3 - appeals to site licence conditions will go to the Residential Property Tribunal instead of the Magistrates Court

Section 4 - gave local authorities the ability to serve a compliance notice where there are one or more breaches of site licence conditions

Section 5 - gave local authorities the ability to carry out works where the licence holder has failed to do so, this includes the recovery of costs

Sections 6 & 7 - amend details in relation to appeals, operative periods, recovery of expenses and the Residential Tribunal

Section 8 of the Mobile Homes Act 2013 has not yet been implemented but states that a licence holder should be a “fit and proper person”. Further information regarding this section of the act will be published when it comes into effect.

Section 9 - makes site rules express terms of agreement

Section 10 - removes the requirement for the site owner to consent the sale or gift of a mobile home

Section 11 - changes the way in which a site owner can change pitch fees

Section 12 - amends the protection that occupiers of mobile homes have against eviction or harassment

Further information on the changes introduced by the Mobile Homes Act 2013 can be found on the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) website

We have published our Caravan Site Licensing Policy which you can read by clicking on the link in the downloads section.

Site licence conditions are issued by us and cover various health & safety issues including spacing between caravans, electrical safety, etc. Compliance with these conditions form the basis of a caravan site inspection.

Site rules are put in place by the site owner to ensure acceptable standards are maintained, which will benefit occupiers of the park. This will normally form part of the legal agreement between site owner and resident.

The site rules and the site licence conditions can cover similar topics but the site rules will generally cover issues regarding the day-to-day running of a park.

Mobile Homes Site Rules Disclaimer:

All Site Rules received by West Lindsey District Council are required to be published under Regulation 16 of the Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014. The Site Rules that are published to the Register as required by the previously mentioned Regulation are an exact copy as presented to West Lindsey District Council. The council accepts no responsibility if there are errors or omissions regarding the site rules.

  • West Lindsey District Council does not endorse or approve these Site Rules
  • West Lindsey District Council is not responsible for their content or enforcement
Mobile Homes Sites
Mobile Homes Site NameSite AddressReceived Date
Burton Waters LodgesBurton Waters, Lincoln. LN1 2BE24/09/2014
Harpswell Hill ParkHarpswell Lane, Hemswell. DN21 5UT23/10/2014
LakeshoreBurton Waters, Lincoln. LN1 2BE29/07/2014
Little London ParkLincoln Road, Torksey, Lincoln. LN1 2EL16/01/2015
Rutherglen ParkChurch Lane, Saxilby. LN1 2QS03/10/2014
Shortferry Caravan ParkFerry Road, Fiskerton. LN3 4HU09/06/2016
Stonecliff ParkPrebend Lane, Welton, Lincoln. LN2 3JS18/12/2014
Swinhope ParkSwinhope Road, Binbrook. LN8 6HS18/09/2014
The ElmsTorksey Lock, Lincoln. LN1 2EH18/09/2014
West End Caravan ParkLong Lane, Ingham, Lincoln. LN1 2FH03/02/2015
Wold RetreatBrigg Road, Caistor. LN7 6RU 12/06/2017
Residential Caravan and Park Site licence and Rules downloads
PDF DocumentsFile type/size
Application for Transfer of a Caravan Site Licencepdf / 127KB
WLDC Caravan Site Licensing Policypdf / 510KB
Standard License Conditions for Residential Caravan Sites 2015pdf / 267KB
Burton Water Lodges Licencepdf / 77KB
Burton Water Lodges Site Rulespdf / 185KB
Harpswell Caravan Park Licencepdf / 105KB
Harpswell Caravan Park 2 Licencepdf / 145KB
Lakeshore Licencepdf / 296KB
Lakeshore Site Rulespdf / 179KB
Little London Licencepdf / 78KB

The Caravan Site Act 1968 contains provisions for the protection of occupiers against eviction or harassment and is enforced by the council.
If you think that the site owner is not looking after the park properly or is not providing adequate services, you should check what their duties are under the site licence. If there are three or more caravans on the site, the licence should be displayed in a prominent place. If it cannot be seen, you should ask the council to send a copy over to you.

If the licence does not cover the matter that you are concerned about, you can either talk to the site owner or tell us why you think the licence is inadequate.

All applications and fees for residential caravan and park sites should be submitted to the Housing and Communities Team who can be contact at

Apply online for a Caravan site license

The council has the right to refuse a licence where it considers the applicant unsuitable to hold a licence.

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