Home transfer or swap

Housing transfer or home swap

If you currently live in socially rented accommodation either with Acis or another registered provider within West Lindsey, there are 2 options available for transferring or swapping your current property. 


In order to apply to transfer to other socially rented properties you will need to contact your current housing provider. They can then register your interest to transfer properties and assist you to get started with the LincsHomefinder in order to find you a new property. The reason behind having to contact your housing provider is to ensure you are eligible for a transfer to another property.

Home swapper

Home swapper is a national website that matches people to properties with people who are looking to move. HomeSwapper.co.uk is the UK’s largest service helping people like you swap homes. In the past year HomeSwapper has helped over 25,000 tenants move home. If you live in a rented council or housing association house you may be able to swap your home. For more details on home swapper, click the following link www.homeswapper.co.uk