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Affordable housing

Affordable housing refers to a particular product outside the housing market and is provided in two ways:

Section 106 agreements

This is where legal agreements between developers and the Local Planning Authority relation to land and usually occur in conjunction with the granting of planning permission. Section 106 agreements are used to ensure housing developments include the proportion of affordable housing required to make the development acceptable in planning terms.

Use of exception sites

Exceptions sites relate to settlements of less than 3,000 population. Affordable housing development can be granted planning permission as an exception to normal policy in these settlements providing a local need has been identified and there are no other deliverable sites available. To address rural housing needs the council is actively looking to promote the use of exceptions sites by identifying communities where a local needs survey can be undertaken.

Affordable Rented

Affordable Rented housing is usually owned by a Registered Provider formally known as Housing Associations. To be considered for a property, you will need to be on the council’s housing register or apply direct to the relevant housing association.

Social Rented

Social Rented properties are available to rent at below market levels.

Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership (Part Rent, Part Buy) helps those who can’t afford to buy a property with a mortgage outright, to get onto the housing ladder. This allows people to buy a share in a property, normally with a mortgage, but also to pay rent to the housing association for the share that they don’t own. People can start by buying a share between 25% - 75% but can usually increase their share in the future if they can afford to do so. If a person owns a larger share of the property, they will pay less to the housing association. You may be eligible for shared ownership if you are at least 18 years old, you have a household income of less than £60,000 and you have at least £1,500 savings to cover the one off costs involved in buying a home.

Full definitions of affordable housing can be found in the National Planning Policy Framework (2012)

Private rented sector

This is accommodation rented from a private landlord or letting agent. There is a wide choice of available properties which are let at unrestricted rents which reflect market demand. Private landlords will often require references and payments of deposit or rent in advance and offer a minimum tenancy of six months. We have a  Deposit guarantee (Bond) scheme available which may help you to access private housing.

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