Gainsborough South West Ward Clusters of Empty Homes Project

Bringing empty homes back to use, and the regeneration of Gainsborough South West Ward, are priorities for West Lindsey District Council. We secured funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government to bring 100 empty homes back to use in the neighbourhood around Trinity Street and Ashcroft Road in Gainsborough which has a particularly high concentration of empty homes.

The housing team are concentrating on the physical renovation and occupation of long term empty homes, while working with colleagues and partner organisations to bring about the sustainable regeneration of the neighbourhood through social, economic and environmental improvements.
We have purchased and renovated a number of empty properties to a high standard, enabling them to be leased and occupied. This has had a positive effect on the street scene and encouraged other owners to improve their properties and bring them back to use.
Where owners were not willing to engage with the project, officers have made use of the council’s enforcement powers including statutory notices, enforced sale and compulsory purchase. Please see the downloads tab for the full Clusters of Empty Homes Policy.
Although the government Empty Homes Programme ended in April 2015, we can still offer advice and assistance to bring your empty home back to use. We may still consider acquisition of long term empty homes at the current market value where this is in line the council’s strategies. Please email to discuss options and advice to bring the empty home back to use.

Empty Homes Officer

West Lindsey District Council
Guildhall, Marshall's Yard
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