Public Health Funerals Freedom of Information Requests

We receive a large number of requests, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, for details of cases where the Public Protection Team (Licensing) have undertaken arrangements for a funeral. The attached document shows the funeral costs paid by the Council and recovered costs (if any) since 2000. The following table provides the details of these cases since 2010 and is correct as of today's date:

Name of deceasedDate of birthDate of deathMarital statusDate referred to Treasury Solicitor or Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall if applicableDecision to refer still pending
Robert John Howlett12/08/194530/03/2010N/KNothing to referN/A
Barbara Butler11/01/193402/04/2010WidowNothing to referN/A
Ivy Dalby03/02/192117/09/2010WidowNothing to referN/A
John William Ward04/05/193024/11/2010SingleNothing to referN/A
John Peter Coles18/05/195027/07/2011DivorcedNothing to referN/A
Colin Dawson (Prev. Anthony Ackroyd)15/01/195427/10/2011WidowerNothing to referN/A
Sofia Smith (Prev. Shirley Kirkham)27/09/196428/10/2011N/KNothing to referN/A
Martin Frank Riley 28/09/194003/09/2012N/KNothing to referN/A
Gertrude Fawcett 13/12/192619/08/2013N/KNothing to referN/A
Susan Donner04/07/196518/10/2013Single Nothing to referN/A
Peter Herron24/06/194523/12/2013N/KNothing to refer N/A
David Wilkinson 09/07/194104/04/2014DivorcedNothing to refer N/A
Ernest Russell 03/11/193116/10/2014SingleNothing to referN/A
Diane Mahmood10/02/196026/02/2015DivorcedNothing to referN/A
John Charles Thomas14/03/194516/09/2015N/KNothing to referN/A
Derek Ernest Franklin11/06/194729/10/2015N/KNothing to referN/A
Richard Frank Price13/05/195809/06/2016DivorcedNothing to referN/A
Adam Smith-Gibson21/07/194717/07/2018N/KNothing to referN/A
Ronald Henry Bennett10/05/195218/01/2019DivorcedNothing to referN/A
Sheila Tomlinson12/09/193607/03/2019WidowNothing to referN/A
Paul Leonard Ostle19/06/195109/03/2019MarriedNothing to referN/A
Jonathan Heron12/08/195910/04/2019N/KNothing to referN/A
Angela Jean Shaw04/08/195114/06/2019N/KNothing to referN/A
Steven Watson17/10/195930/06/2019N/KNothing to referN/A