Exhuming a deceased body

Exhuming a deceased body

All enquiries regarding exhumation should initially be made to a funeral director who will liaise with us and obtain the necessary documents for completion.

In most cases a Ministry of Justice licence will be required. If the person is buried in consecrated grounds, the church must give permission for it to be exhumed in the form of a Faculty.

The table below sets out the Authority requirements.

FromToAuthority required
Removal of remains from unconsecrated groundTo consecrated or unconsecrated ground, or reinterment in the same graveMOJ licence
Removal of remains from consecrated groundTo a different grave plot that is also consecratedFaculty
Removal of remains from consecrated groundRe-interring in exactly the same graveFaculty + MOJ licence
Removal of remains from consecrated groundTo unconsecrated groundFaculty + MOJ licence

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