Buying a grave and ordering a memorial

We are responsible for the cemeteries at School Lane, Springthorpe and Legsby Road, Market Rasen.

Buying a grave

A funeral director can help you make the necessary arrangements for buying a grave or you can contact us directly.

The costs for grave space at the Legsby Road, Market Rasen and School Lane, Springthorpe cemeteries are shown in the table below. The internment fees are set by the Funeral Director.

Grave types and fees
Grave typeFee
Single Grave not exceeding 9’4”£618.50
Grave not exceeding 9’4” for double interments£866.00
Grave not exceeding 9’4” for triple interments£967.50
Cremated remains only grave not exceeding 4’6”£371.00
Cremated remains only grave - child up to 12 years£100.00

Ordering a memorial

Permission must be sought from us before arranging the erection of a memorial at the Legsby Road, Market Rasen and School Lane, Springthorpe cemeteries.

The costs for installation at both cemeteries are shown below.

Memorial types and fees
Memorial typeFee
Headstone (up to 18" in height)£124.00
Headstone (over 18" but not exceeding 3 ft in height)£148.00
Headstone (over 3 ft but not exceeding 4 ft in height)£269.00
Vase - fixed (not exceeding 6" in height)£53.50
Vase - fixed (over 6" but not exceeding 12" in height)£99.00
Flat stone - fixed (not exceeding 12" x 12")£99.00
Flat stone - fixed (over 12" x 12" but not exceeding 12" x 18")£109.50
Plaque (not exceeding 8" x 4")£53.50
Plaque (over 8" x 4" but not exceeding 12" x 6")£99.00
Memorial figurine - fixed (not exceeding 12" in height)£99.00
Memorial figurine - fixed (over 12" but not exceeding 24" in height)£118.00
For each inscription after the first£44.00

Registration Fees

Registration fees
Registration FeeFee
Per certified copy of a certificate of Grant of Exclusive right of Burial£70.50
Per certified copy of entry in Register of Burials£70.50
Permission to plant memorial tree£80.50
Permission to install memorial seat£80.50