Council Tax Bands and Parish Charges

Beware of scam telephone calls

Residents are reminded to be cautious of giving bank details out to any cold caller after West Lindsey District Council became aware of a possible telephone scam campaign operating in Lincolnshire.

A small number of elderly residents have received phone calls from a caller who was persistent in telling them their Council Tax had been reduced after their properties had been revalued and that they were eligible for a refund if they gave their bank details.

The Council stresses that residents should be careful if they are ever asked for their bank details from someone calling them and where they have not initiated the call themselves.

If it is a call from the Council's Revenues and Benefits department and the customer is unsure, then they can always end the call and ring back on 01427 676676.

Council Tax Bands

The market value of the property for which the bill is issued forms the basis of the charge payable. Dwellings are placed in one of eight valuation bands, the less expensive the property, the lower the band and therefore the lower the charge.

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA), an executive agency of HM Revenues and Customs, has given each property a valuation band between A and H according to its market value on 1st April 1991. Current market values may not be the best guide to the band your home is in.

If you are considering buying a property please remember that the band may be increased following the sale if the previous owner has improved the property.

You can find Council Tax Bands by searching with the postcode on the VOA website.

Search the VOA Council Tax valuation list

Council Tax amounts for 2018-2019 by parish

The council tax bands and market values are detailed below:

BandMarket Value at 1st April 1991
AUp to £40,000
B£40,001 to £52,000
C£52,001 to £68,000
D£68,001 to £88,000
E£88,001 to £120,00
F£120,001 to £160,000
G£160,001 to £320,000
HOver £320,000

Council Tax charges

The District Council has set a Band D council tax for 2018/2019 to £1656.18. This is made up of:

  • West Lindsey District Council £207.27
  • Lincolnshire County Council £1231.47
  • Police and Crime Commissioner Lincolnshire £217.44

The Lincolnshire County Council amount includes £67.77 additionally collected in respect of adult social care.

Additional amounts have been set for those areas where a parish precept has been charged.

The details for all parishes can be found in the Downloads section of the page.