Who benefit is paid to

Under the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rules, in most cases we can no longer offer the choice of having payments sent direct to a landlord.

Your LHA entitlement will be paid to you, directly into your bank/building society account. Termed BACS, this method of payment is fast, secure and avoids any potential postal delays.

It is your responsibility to make sure you pay your rent to your landlord in accordance with your rental agreement.

If you feel that you will be unable to manage payments direct to you, into an account we will consider the reasons given. Decisions are made on every case individually in line with our Safeguard Policy.

Please use this link to access a form to apply for payments to your landlord.

We may ask for evidence to support your application.

With effect from April 2011 the Safeguarding provisions have been widened in line with Government advice. In cases where a tenancy has been secured or retained by the rent being set or reduced to an affordable level, the claimant or the landlord can apply to have payments paid direct to the landlord. An ‘affordable’ rent level would be one that the customer could reasonably afford whilst in receipt of Housing Benefit based on the Local Housing Allowance rates.