Contribution to Wellbeing

Michelle Leighton, Cllr Mrs Sheila Bibb, Bill Rodgers, Kate Rodgers and Jamie Simpson
From left to right - Michelle Leighton, Cllr Mrs Sheila Bibb, Bill Rodgers, Kate Rodgers and Jamie Simpson

Winner - Stepping Stone Mental Health Theatre

Stepping Stone Theatre is for people of the community who have a connection to mental health, whether they have been affected personally or are a friend, relative or carer. Members consist of people who wouldn't leave their own home due to personal issues to people who have gained more confidence and enabling them to gain full time employment.

Stepping Stone regularly go out in to the community to spread a positive message of wellbeing by having their mascots offer free hugs. Bill and Kate Rogers work very hard to produce excellent pieces of theatre that offer a unique take on mental health, with emotional, funny, biographical and comedic sketches, monologues and songs.

The group have inspired other members of the community to speak out about their mental health issues and to join the fight to stamp out the stigma surrounding it.

The commitment to the community and the service they provide has prevented people from ending their lives as they have a safe place free from discrimination where they do not have to worry, where they are not judged, but accepted for who they are.

Runner Up - Debbie Stevens

Debbie Stevens is not only a committee member of Nettleham's Festive Market but she is heavily involved in combatting loneliness in her community.

She and her family organised an afternoon tea for the Great Get Together last year, where she invited organisations in the village to come along and show case what they do. She wanted people who were possibly lonely to come along and find out about what was available in the area for them to join.

She also put on a Christmas day meal for lonely people in the village which was a huge success. People happily supported her efforts by donating food, presents and entertainment.

Along with the support from Waitrose where she works, she also organised and set up the Chatter and Natter in the Community Hub for those who may feel isolated.

Debbie has inspired others in the community to join in activities that perhaps they would not have gone to and regularly fundraises for these activities. She is a very caring and selfless person and always looking for ways to help others.