Contribution to Sports

Edward Timmins, Cllr Giles McNeill and Tony Smith
From left to right - Edward Timmins, Cllr Giles McNeill and Tony Smith

Winner - Market Rasen and Louth Rugby Club

Market Rasen and Louth Rugby Club runs on the good will of a lot of volunteers and has a positive impact on many young people and adults. People come from all over the district and benefit from the huge amount of time and passion that is put into the club.

It provides a community hub for people to meet and encourages excellent behaviour in everyone. The club is a focus for so much more than just playing rugby. It gives people a focus, keeps young people off the streets and by fills their time with sport and friendship.

In particular Coach Edward Timmins focuses on players that are less experienced and need more time and patience to develop their skills. He has taken young adults that are lacking direction in life and given them a sense of purpose and worth amongst a strong feeling of inclusion and family which many are lacking outside of the club. He has inspired many players to make the best of their abilities and talents even when they don't see their own capabilities.

The dedication shown from the volunteers really encourages everyone to take part and it really is an inspiring and vibrant place which has a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

Runners Up - Nigel Stevenson and Mark Smith from Gainsborough Dolphins Swimming Club

Nigel Stevenson and Mark Smith are both dedicated volunteers at the Gainsborough Dolphins Swimming Club. They have given their own time to coaching and developing hundreds of young people and inspiring them, some reaching competitive and national level.

Nigel has been a key member in the development of not only this club, but also Marshall’s Sport Football Club. Many of the children that have attended the swimming club have had learning difficulties or behavioural issues and Nigel has had a hand in supporting them.

Mark is Head Coach at the club and devotes his time to inspire young swimmers to reach their goals. He has created an environment for the swimmers to reach their potential which promotes the club's slogan and even encourages colleagues to be better people.

Both Nigel and Mark work tirelessly for free and are committed to help others reach their potential.