Volunteer of the Year - 2017

Volunteer of the Year - Mrs Sheila Worrell

Community Awards 2017 - Volunteer winner


Mrs Sheila Worrell has been nominated for all she has done over the years in a volunteer capacity.

In 1982, Sheila, and her husband Keith, decided to raise money for the Lincoln Cathedral Fabric Fund. To do this, they cleared their barn out and organised a Barn Dance. The Colour Tones dance band from Newark provided the music, Starbucks from Market Rasen provided the BBQ and Ben White supplied the bar with around 150 people attending. A good time was had by all and the profits went to the roofing fund.

This effort was repeated for several more years where the local community and friends of Sheila's looked forward to supporting and raising money for various charities and special causes close to her heart.

Money was raised for a blood testing machine at John Coupland Hospital. This was of interest to Sheila due to a family friend's son experiencing diabetes and she wanted to be able to provide funds to support all who experienced this illness.

Over the following years money raised at the Barn Dances provided Lea School with its first computer which was greatly received.

Sheila and her family then went on to raise money for Marton Chapel, Gate Burton Church and the Seymour Scanner at Lincoln County Hospital.

In the early 90's, several events in the form of dinner dances and auctions were held at The Western Rooms. The organisations which benefited from these events were the Seymour Scanner, Marie Currie, St Andrews Hospice and Macmillan.

Sheila was instrumental in forming the Macmillan Committee in the local area.

She is still involved in the committees work which has raised over £330,000 by arranging Dances, selling Christmas cards, leg and back waxing, Tesco and Morrison's collections, Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle ride, Horse Shows, open gardens and many more other events.

All this dedication and work was in addition to Sheila over the years being a busy Mother, Nanna, running a Play Group and being involved in various clubs, for example, Flower Club, Women's Institute, Church Warden and helping anyone she can.


Michael Gilligan

Mike Galligan has been a leading member of ‘Caistor in Bloom’ since its inception. He’s worked tirelessly to make Caistor a beautiful place to live in and visit. Not only does he physically set about clearing, planting and maintaining some of the more unsightly areas of the town, he also promotes the work of the group through selling raffle tickets, organising events and rallying residents to take pride in their own small part of the town.

Through Michael’s work through ‘Caistor in Bloom’, the town has many beautiful areas of planting. Some wild flower areas and some more formal, hanging baskets and tubs, adorn the market place. An orchard has been planted and other features around the town have been created.

Awards have been presented from East Midlands in Bloom and Britain in Bloom, with some very favourable comments made by the judges of these competitions.

Every day, come rain or shine, Michael is out and about maintaining, weeding, planting, and in the summer, hours are spent watering.

The appearance of Caistor has been greatly improved in recent years by the work of Caistor in Bloom and in particular by Michael Galligan.

On a totally different direction, Michael and his daughter Kate also organise occasional poetry evenings, ‘A Literary Affair’, when members of the community choose, prepare and deliver a favourite poem. These have proved to be very popular and well attended, drawing in some of the residents who do not usually appear at the other events. Another of Michael’s passions and a good idea made real.