Parish/Town Councillor of the Year - 2017

Parish/Town Councillor of the Year - Cllr Terry Williams

Community Awards - Parish/Town Councillor winner


Cllr Terry Williams has been a Parish Councillor for 19 years and was Chairman of the Parish Council for 10 years. 

During his chairmanship, Cllr Williams dealt with a number of major issues for the village, including the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan where he played a major role and was a very active member of the steering group. He also plays a vital role as a member of Nettleham Parish Council and his expertise in relation to major developments for the village, particularly in an ongoing Planning Appeal, exemplify this commitment.

Cllr Williams has always been a voice of reason and his logical and balanced approach to the requirements of a Parish Council has been a great asset and his chairmanship of Parish and Public meetings cannot be faulted.  

Cllr Williams is a very active and diligent member of the Parish Council, always seeking to ensure the Parish Council continues to work and develop the services required from the Parish Council.


Cllr James (Jim) Cousins

Jim Cousins has been an exemplary Parish Councillor for Waddingham Parish Council for over 40 years during which he has worked tirelessly for the Parish while remaining unassuming and quietly going about Parish Council business.

Jim was involved in raising funds for three years during the 70’s culminating in the building of Jubilee Hall (village hall) in 1977. Since then he has been on the village hall committee engaging the community in a huge variety of activities.

Jim cares deeply about the community and is as involved in the Parish as anyone could possibly be and he is often to be seen working on environmental projects within the Parish.

He is well respected by all who know him.

Jim has just retired from the Parish council and we feel that he deserves the recognition for his sterling work over the decades.  

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