Parish/Town Council of the Year - 2017

Parish/Town Council of the Year - Caistor Town Council

Community Awards 2017 - Parish or Town Council winner


West Lindsey is blessed with a number of excellent Parish/Town Councils but Caistor stands out.

Caistor Town Council encompasses and reflects the real sense of community cohesion and purpose so characteristic of this distinctive and historic market town.  Members meet in the Town Hall, those meetings being well managed and effectively run by the Chairman, who enjoys the support of a most able, committed and experienced Town Clerk, together with a highly experienced and articulate group of Councillors.  Members are invariably clear and focussed in their deliberations and any actions agreed are undertaken for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Their work is perfectly exemplified by the excellence of the Caistor Neighbourhood Plan, which was among the first in West Lindsey to be ‘made’.  The Town Council also participated in the various consultations on the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.  A further focus of effort is in the historic built environment, including the Market Place and most pressingly, the repair and refurbishment of the iconic old fire station.

Special events are held successfully throughout the year in various venues, either promoted by the Council or supported by them.  Many of these use Council owned property, which is always well maintained and presented reflecting the value of the monthly checks made by members and reported to the Council.  Caistor is a ‘Walkers are Welcome’ town.  Indeed it is an increasingly attractive destination for visitors either seeking accommodation or for those making shorter visits.

Besides entry to the Britain in Bloom contest, the Town Council worked closely with the District Council and Magna Vitae last year to deliver a highly enjoyable and successful event coinciding with Lincolnshire Day.  Currently there is a shared ambition and determination to work towards the redevelopment of the former Co-op site in the Market Place, the old Council depot and the wider Area Office and Health Centre property in Southdale, whilst discussions with the District Council around the provision of CCTV coverage have now reached an advanced stage.

What sets Caistor Town Council apart and makes them truly worthy of this award is their awareness and desire to work in partnership with others, including the County and District Councils and other organisations to take full advantage of every opportunity to improve the fabric of the town, to benefit the lives and wellbeing of residents and to promote and develop businesses within Caistor.  Meanwhile, rather than increase their own expenditure in the coming financial year (and having the interests of residents always firmly in mind) a budget sufficient to meet already identified priorities for investment was agreed. Caistor Town Council are a shining example of what an outstanding Parish/Town council should be. The Council’s vision for Caistor is simple a town to be proud of, a Community that engages and a place where everyone works together for the good of the Community. As a result, Caistor is a place where everyone gets involved, galvanised by individuals and the Town Council.

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