District Champion of the Year - 2017

District Champion of the Year - Mrs Joan Wines

Community Awards 2017 - District Champion winner


Mrs Wines is an exceptional community spirited lady involved with, and usually leading, so many organisations within the parish of Sturton by Stow and beyond.

Within the Parish, she is best known for single-handedly resurrecting and rebranding the pensioners’ society, which folded over 15 years ago, now known as ‘The Evergreens’.

She organises garden parties, bingo sessions and other events to raise funds to enable the OAPs in Sturton and Stow to participate in trips out to the seaside, garden centres and other places of interest together with organising the annual post-Christmas dinner, providing a meal and an evening of entertainment for the OAPs. The vast majority of the work is undertaken by herself but she does cajole a small group of volunteers to assist with the meal.

She is at the forefront of the Women’s Institute having been a trustee for well over a decade, variously holding positions including Chairman and currently President.

She represents the W.I. at regional and national events and was one of the first volunteers to visit Romania during the 1990s-2000s to assist in resolving the well-documented orphanage problems. She has made three visits to date taking with her provisions for the children.

Mrs Wines has been a Parish Councillor for over 20 years. She has a graceful, practical and diplomatic style, which is very much appreciated by the other members.

She arranged for flower tubs and bulb planting around the village together with two other councillors, which was very much appreciated by the residents and resulted in the village being selected as the runner up in their category for the Best Kept Village competition.

Mrs Wines organises the refreshments for the Remembrance Day service and acts as a booking clerk for the Parish Council.

The Parish Council believes that Mrs Wines should be recognised for her dedicated voluntary work within and outside the Parish and consider the West Lindsey awards scheme as an appropriate vehicle to facilitate this.

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