Citizen of the Year - 2017

Citizen of the Year - Mrs Briana Cordeaux

Community Awards 2017 - Citizen of the Year


Mrs Cordeaux originally assisted her late husband, who was the local GP in the Practice & Pharmacy, becoming involved within the Scotter Community in many ways.

This has continued on to present times and she is consequently looked upon in wide admiration by all ages within Scotter and the surrounding village communities. The many commitments she has undertaken over the years include:

  • The St John’s Ambulance Brigade and becoming Cadet President. She was a complete role model to the cadets - fund raising, sponsoring their bike rides and supplying refreshments at events, and is still warmly welcomed at their Fellowship meetings.
  • A Victims Support Councillor.
  • A member and Ex-President of the Women’s Institute
  • Co-ordinator and delivery driver for the Royal Voluntary Services (formerly WRVS) ‘meals on wheels’, always when buying a car making sure it was big enough for this role, and for her elderly friends, so she could shuttle those without transport to medical appointments and social events, and still does to this day.
  • A school Governor, still helping with the children’s reading.
  • President of the Scotter Village Hall Association
  • An active supporter of St Peters Church, always there at Summer Fetes and Christmas Fairs etc cheerfully dishing up tea and scones raising very welcome funds.
  • Founding the Good Companions group for older Residents, they meet weekly at the Community Centre, enjoying a game of Scrabble, local gossip, friendship and kindness, keeping their minds alert and exchanging advice and ideas. Their lives constantly enhanced along with the annual treat of a Summer Afternoon Tea, hosted by Briana in her home.


Briana is a shining light and pillar of the community; a kind and thoughtful person, who never needs to be asked to do anything - she always takes the initiative and just gets on with it - before anyone else had even considered the issue.

Scotter and surrounding village organisations have continued to benefit tremendously from the support, generosity and fund raising efforts received from Briana over the years.

She is well respected by all age groups and is frequently referred to as a model of ‘Community minded Citizenship’.

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