Chairman of the Council's Special Award - 2017

Chairman of the Council's Special Award - Ian Hardcastle

Community Awards 2017 - Chairman of the Councils ' Special Award winner


In 2012 at a meeting between the 3 EX Mod communities, RAF Scampton and the Council, a gentleman called Colin Hare from the Methodist church suggested that we hold celebration sports event in honour of the London Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, called The Jubilee Games.

In May that year, the 1st Jubilee games were held at Newtoft.

They have been held for the past 5 years. Colin was the front man and an inspirational figure but others played a huge part - including Ian Hardcastle.

Ian Hardcastle has played a pivotal role in the games since its inception, especially when Colin sadly died.

Ian has never asked for or received any recognition, except from the grateful communities he brought together.

Ian has left a huge legacy in our communities through his kindness and thoughts for others.

When I was asked to choose someone for the Chairman’s Award, and although I have met many inspirational people during my Civic Year, Ian was my choice because he epitomises all that’s good in people in our communities. He inspires, is highly respected and he deserves recognition for his outstanding contribution in making our communities a better place.