Community Awards 2017

Community Awards 2017

West Lindsey Community Awards 19

The council was excited to host this event on Monday 24 April 2017 which gives special recognition to the unsung heroes working in the community.

Community organisations and individual volunteers make a huge  contribution to lives across the district, which is why the council was keen to recognise them at its 2017 Community Awards.

Chairman of the council, Cllr Roger Patterson said: “I have met so many amazing people as chairman of the council and tonight has been no exception. Our communities do so much work in the community, giving up their own time, helping and supporting each other - it truly is amazing and needs to be acknowledged.  I am only sorry that everyone who was nominated could not be here to join ion the celebrations.”

Thank you to our sponsors

  • The Glanford and Lindsey Lions (trophies)
  • Jackie from White Rose Occasions Ltd (table and chair decorations)
  • Connells the Marshall’s Yard Florist (flower frame)
The Saratoga Jazz Ensemble did an amazing job performing during the evening.


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