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Overview and Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny in local government is an essential part of the Councillor’s role as a representative of the people. It is about Councillors making a difference by holding the policy committees to account, looking in depth at how services are provided and at reviewing and developing policies. Monitoring the performance of the council’s services is another important part of this scrutiny role.

At West Lindsey, the scrutiny committee is called Challenge and Improvement. The Challenge and Improvement Committee is involved in reviewing performance against objectives and targets.

We believe that good scrutiny should

  • Provide a ‘critical friend’ challenge to decision-makers
  • Reflect the public voice
  • Take the lead and own the scrutiny process
  • Make an impact on service delivery

Membership of the Challenge and Improvement Committee

  • Councillor Paul Howitt-Cowan - Chairman
  • Councillor Lewis Strange - Vice-Chairman
  • Councillor Mrs Angela White - Vice-Chairman
  • Councillor Bruce Allison
  • Councillor David Bond   
  • Councillor Mrs Jessie Milne   
  • Councillor Malcolm Parish   
  • Councillor Roger Patterson   
  • Councillor Mrs Diana Rodgers   
  • Councillor Mrs Lesley Rollings   
  • Councillor Thomas Smith   
  • Councillor Mrs Anne Welburn   

When are the Committee Meetings held?

For a full list of Committee meetings, please see our timetable on the Committee timetable page.

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