Equality Reporting

As a council we are committed to valuing people’s differences, treating people fairly, being a good employer and meeting our public sector duty.

Further information on our equalities work can be found in the Equalities statement which is attached to this page.

We have a process of analysis which looks at the equality impact for our policies and procedures and has been undertaken for many years. Analysis begins prior to the introduction of, or change to, any policy or procedure. Officers assess at this very early stage the impact our decisions could have on the people we serve. We look for both positive and potential negative outcomes relating to the introduction of policies.  If negatives are highlighted we look to remove them if possible and mitigate their impact if they remain.

We recognise that the impact our policies and procedures have on people is not always defined because of a single protected characteristic. The need to look at a person as a whole, rather than component parts, is imperative when applying fairness to systems and decision making.

Equality Impact Assessments are taken into account throughout our committee processes by our Members to ensure that their decisions are fair and equitable for the diverse communities they have been elected to serve.