Corporate Plan

Our priorities for the District over the next four years

The council carried out a review of its priorities for 2016-2020 taking into account all the evidence we have including national and regional priorities and local views and taking into account what our residents consider important.

Here are the things we can see a greater focus on:

  • Open for Business - to attract inward investment
  • People First - ease and convenience of access to a range of public services offered by the council and partner organisations
  • Asset Management - to develop and maximise the return on, and value of, our land and property
  • Partnership/Devolution - work in partnership to explore opportunities to deliver improvements in housing, infrastructure, agri-food, manufacturing and engineering, visitor economy, skills, water management, health and public protection
  • Central Lincolnshire Local Plan - make sure the Local Plan is adopted
  • Excellent Value for Money Services - explore alternative delivery models to ensure effective use of resources
All of these priorities and much more are contained in our Corporate Plan 2016-2020 which maps out where we want to make improvements, what success would look like and how we will monitor progress.