Key plans, policies and strategies

  • Corporate PlanOur priorities for the District over the next four years.
  • Local Agenda 21Local Agenda 21 is about sustainability, i.e. doing things today that will not prevent future generations from having the same opportunities.
  • Equality and diversityOur vision is to make West Lindsey a better place to live, work, invest and visit.
  • Corporate Enforcement PolicyWe recognise that fair and effective enforcement is essential to protect the economic interests and health and safety of the public, businesses and the environment.
  • Waste enforcementThe document attached gives details of laid down procedures including enforcement for dealing with waste related issues.
  • Risk ManagementInformation about our Risk Strategy for 2016-18.
  • Commercial Plan 2015 - 2020Commercial Plan 2015 - 2020
  • Statement of Accounts and Annual Governance StatementsStatement of Accounts and Annual Governance Statements
  • Waste Services policiesOur Waste and Recycling Collection Policies set out the services the council provide to manage your household waste in a safe and cost effective way that encourages waste minimisation and recycling