Publication Scheme - Guide to Information

Publication Scheme - Guide to Information

The Publication Scheme is a guide to information which we make available on a regular basis under the Freedom of Information Act.

If you want information about a particular subject, this website offers three ways of finding it

  • The search box at the top of the page is a powerful search tool which will look for a key word or phrase among our web pages and documents
  • The A-Z of Council Services is an alphabetical index which provides links to relevant information about our services
  • The Publication Scheme, following guidelines laid down by the Information Commissioner, is a framework for access not only to information already available on the website, but also to certain other categories of information which the council makes available on request.

If you cannot find any reference to the information you need, please let us know, as it may be available in some other way.

You may ask for information by making an official request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Guide to information

In the Publication Scheme - Guide to Information you can easily find out what information we publish about:

Who we are and what we do

Council Constitution

Council Democratic Structure

Directorate Structure

Location and opening times for Council premises

Councillors information and contact details

Election results

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial statements, budgets and variance reports

Members allowances

Pay and grading structure

Procurement procedures

Details of contracts currently being tendered

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Annual reports

Corporate Plan

Statistical Information

Service Standards

How we make decisions

Timetable of Council Meetings

Agendas, Minutes and Meetings

Public Consultations

Decision making

Our policies and procedures

Key plans, policies and strategies

Lists and registers

Register of electors

Datasets and transparency

The services we offer

Resident services

Business services