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Garden waste consultation

Garden waste consultation

The Council is considering charging for the garden waste (green bin) collection service from April 2018.

The Council has been consulting with residents about proposed changes to the garden waste collection service during the period 19th September to 19th November.  However, this consultation has now closed.

Your feedback will be analysed and used by Councillors when making a decision on the future of the garden waste collection service at their meeting on 5 December 2017.  After which time this page will be updated with the outcome from this meeting, this will also be publicised through other channels.

Due to reductions in central government funding, West Lindsey District Council is making choices about where it must save money. Like many of our neighbouring councils, it is suggested that savings are made by charging for the kerbside collection of garden (green bin) waste.

We are proposing to stop the free collection of garden waste bins and introduce an 'opt-in' chargeable collection scheme. This would be available to all properties in West Lindsey with a suitable collection point. There are a range of collection options for you to choose from in the consultation.

What would this mean for me?

If the scheme goes ahead, you will need to pay £35 per year if you would like your garden waste collected after March 2018. You’ll have an opportunity to influence this during the consultation with options to increase the number of collections, or reduce them if our residents want to pay less for fewer collections. The proposal is that there will be no limit on the number of bins at each property. Read more about opting in to the service.

The proposed service is optional and people would only need to pay if they want to use the service. As an alternative, customers can take garden waste to Lincolnshire County Council's household waste recycling centres for free, compost at home or share the cost of a green bin with their neighbour. Read more about home composting or opting out of the service.

Opting in to the service

If we introduce a chargeable garden waste collection service, here's the proposal of how it will work.

Opting out of the service

Information you need to know if you are not interested in signing up for the chargeable garden waste collection service.

Why do we need to charge for garden waste?

Find out why the council needs to introduce a charge for green bin collection.


Some answers that we’ve prepared for questions that we expect you’ll have. These will be updated throughout the consultation as we receive your questions.

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