Annual Voter Registration – Canvass

Your vote matters

Notice - Register of Electors revised publication

Being on the electoral register guarantees your right to vote in all elections and referendums.  Credit reference agencies also use the electoral register as proof of identity if you are applying for credit, a loan or mortgage for example.

Just because you pay council tax does not automatically put you on the electoral register.

A canvass is carried out every year to encourage people to register, and to confirm the details already held.

All households in the West Lindsey area will be sent a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) addressed to ‘the occupier’, this is to confirm who lives at the address and also to make any changes. 

It is a legal requirement to respond to the HEF which only takes a few minutes, often to confirm that there have been no changes at the address.  It is also an opportunity to include those who have turned 16 or are aged 16 or over who live at the property.

Responding only takes a few minutes and can be made by phone, text, and internet or by returning the form in the pre-paid envelope provided.

No change information

If there are no changes to make you can call 0800 197 9871, you will need your security code, or text NOCHANGE followed by your security code to 80212.

How to make a change information

If you need to make any changes you will need to complete and return the form in the envelope provided. The quickest way to make changes is online using the link below.  You will need the security codes supplied on your form before you start.

New electors must be added to the HEF first. They will then be sent an Individual Registration Form which can be completed and return by post or on-line at GOV.UK/register-to-vote


You can save time and cost to the taxpayer by responding to the initial form.  Those who do not respond will receive a reminder during September and a follow-up personal visit in October.