Membership of committees

The municipal year starts in May with the election of the Chairman of the council and Chairman of committees, as well as committee membership.



Members of the public can attend any committee or council meeting and listen to the debate. Although the public may be excluded for any item of business which discloses confidential information, the vast majority of issues are discussed in public.

Council and committee meetings are held in the council offices, Guildhall, Marshall’s Yard, Gainsborough. All meetings commence at 6.30pm with the exception of Full Council, which commences at 7.00pm, and Governance and Audit Committee, which commences at 2pm. Licensing and Regulatory Committees meet consecutively; Regulatory Committee will meet at the rising of Licensing Committee (which commences at 6.30pm).

The latest committee meeting date will be view able using the relevant links above, and you can also request a list of committee dates by emailing

Copies of the agenda are available from the council offices at least five days before the meeting and on the website (again using the links above). Minutes of meetings can also be inspected.