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Woman 91 issued with behaviour order

Woman 91 issued with behaviour order

Date published: 27 September 2017

A 91-year-old woman has become one of the oldest people in Britain to be served with a criminal behaviour order.

The Gainsborough woman who is not being named by the council appeared at Lincoln Magistrates Court on Monday 18 September.

She was accused of engaging in activities likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress to her neighbours between 13 January 2017 and 19 May 2017.

West Lindsey District Council issued a Community Protection Notice on January 13 to order the woman to stop but she failed to comply with the notice.

The woman pleaded not guilty at Lincoln Magistrates Court on 17 July 2017 and the case was referred for trial on 18 September 2017.

District Judge Veits heard the case, where the council presented evidence of how she persistently subjected her neighbours to loud banging and screaming throughout the night, threats and bad language.

She was found guilty and was sentenced to a conditional discharge for 12 months, ordered to pay £500 towards the councils’ costs, £20 charge. The council also applied for a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) which was accepted by the judge.

The Criminal Behaviour Order prohibits her from doing anything which is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to her neighbours.

Cllr Sheila Bibb, chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee at the council said: “The council treats all cases like this seriously and in the first instance works with individuals to address their behaviour, exploring a number of options. It is only as a last resort that we go down a more formal route and consider legal proceedings. In this case we felt that we had no option but to follow this formal line in order to protect her neighbours from continued abuse and harassment.”

Speaking after the case, the council’s barrister, Mr. Haresh Sood, Barrister (Public Access) said the case illustrates that age is no barrier in the eyes of the law!

He said: “This was certainly one of the most interesting cases I have conducted whereby the defendant was given many opportunities to bring her behaviour to an end via warnings and a Community Protection Notice.

“However, there was compelling recorded evidence of her breaches which demonstrated the abusive language being used towards her neighbour which was compounded by her threatening conduct.”

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