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We want your views on orders to improve public spaces

We want your views on orders to improve public spaces

Date published: 11 April 2017
Trinity Arts Centre external view

West Lindsey District Council is considering making two orders to improve public spaces in Gainsborough – and we want your opinions.

Following concern from local residents and visitors, the council is considering a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to cover the grounds of the Trinity Arts Centre and the pocket park on Cleveland Street in Gainsborough.

The complaints relate to groups drinking alcohol on the land, litter, anti-social behaviour and loose dogs.

The order proposes to ban the consumption of alcohol or possession of an open container of alcohol on the land, and to require dogs to be kept on leads. However, the council is also seeking opinions on excluding dogs (other than guide and medical alert dogs) from the land.

The council has also been asked to make a PSPO on land belonging to Gainsborough Town Council. This order would require that dogs are kept on leads on all town council land and are excluded from children’s play areas. It would also see the consumption of alcohol or use of motorised vehicles for recreational purposes banned, unless as part of an event organised by, or with the consent of the town council.

This would replace current Dog Control Orders made by the town council, and would see dogs permitted back on land they have previously been banned from, as long as they are kept on a lead.

Gainsborough Town Council is keen to ensure its open public spaces are well maintained and can be enjoyed by the majority of residents, and feels these new orders will help achieve this.

Breach of a PSPO can result in a fixed penalty notice of £75 or prosecution. PSPOs were created under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to help make public spaces safer and more pleasant for residents.

Mark Sturgess, West Lindsey District Council Chief Operating Officer said: “It is vital to ensure that public spaces are safe and clean for our communities. These orders will help to improve public areas and tackle behaviours which prevent residents from being able to use and enjoy them.”

The draft Orders can be seen on the West Lindsey website, and copies can be viewed at the Guildhall, Trinity Arts Centre and Gainsborough Town Council offices. These are subject to change or may be cancelled completely dependent on the responses received as part of this consultation.

Residents should contact Gainsborough Town Council with any queries about the proposed order on its land by emailing townclerk@gainsboroughtowncouncil.co.uk, and West Lindsey District Council with queries on the Trinity Arts Centre proposal by emailing ASBTeam@west-lindsey.gov.uk.

The consultation opened on Monday 3April 2017 and closes on Monday 15 May 2017.

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