Want a career in a top engineering company?

Want a career in a top engineering company?

Date published: 05 March 2018
Amanda at Wefco

As National Apprenticeship week gets underway, some of Europe’s leading engineering companies are looking to recruit new apprentices right here in Gainsborough.

If you are looking for a career in design, manufacturing and engineering then an employment opportunity is closer than you think!

Eight top engineering firms who are passionate about developing people have come together to form Made in Gainsborough, to promote the benefits of apprenticeships within the industry.

Firms include:

  • A.M.P Rose
  • Eminox
  • Regal Manufacturing Ltd
  • Wefco
  • Trepko (UK) Ltd
  • Hooton Engineering Ltd
  • Clean Tech
  • A Schulman Gainsborough Ltd

Paul Cook, Chairman of Made in Gainsborough and Operations Director for Wefco said: “Gainsborough has a wealth of companies who design and manufacture solutions to some of the world’s key engineering needs.

“Together we have a number of job vacancies and we want to fill them with people who care about the town and want a chance to develop a career in the industry.

“We’ve developed our own brochure that really pays homage to the individual triumphs of each company. It’s time for Engineering in Gainsborough to stop being the town’s best kept secret!”

West Lindsey District Council has worked with the group to develop the brochure to celebrate engineering in Gainsborough and capture the opportunities available.

Together the partnership is working with Gainsborough College, which is creating a new centre of engineering excellence in the town. Students could be employed by top Gainsborough firms while they develop the skills they need to build lasting careers. The two-year programme starts from September 2018.

Amanda Bouttell leads on Employment & Skills at West Lindsey District Council and has already seen an interest in the Made in Gainsborough initiative from teachers and pupils at careers events.  She said “creating a brochure has been a brilliant way to showcase what Gainsborough engineering businesses have to offer, and features local people talking positively about their experience as an Apprentice.”

Daniel Otter, CNC Machinist and former apprentice at AMP Rose recognises the historical importance of engineering in Gainsborough, he said: “I’ve been an engineer in Gainsborough with AMP Rose for 11 years and even did an apprenticeship here. I’m really passionate about engineering and I think it’s really important that Gainsborough retains its engineering heritage - this initiative really aims to celebrate this.”

If you’d like to learn more about Made in Gainsborough or if you would like a copy of the engineering brochure, please contact Amanda Bouttell on 01427 676562 or email amanda.bouttell@west-lindsey.gov.uk.  For further details on engineering courses visit www.lincolncollege.ac.uk/courses/madeingainsborough.

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