Take steps today to improve your health!

Take steps today to improve your health!

Date published: 02 May 2018
Pamela Paton, Gainsborough
Pamela Paton, Gainsborough

A healthier heart is at the forefront of the minds of residents, who are referred to West Lindsey Leisure Centre on the cardiac rehabilitation programme.

And today those residents gave their full support to May’s ‘West Lindsey Loving A Healthy Life Campaign’, which launched yesterday to highlight the reasons why we all need to stay fit and healthy.

Everyone Active’s qualified colleagues at the Leisure Centre create tailor-made 10-week programmes for individuals who suffer from potentially life-threatening heart conditions.   As reported the centre will be getting a major new health and wellbeing hub as part of a multi-million investment in such services across the district.

Once completed, it will offer a wider range of facilities to meet the needs of everyone in the local community, including weight management, stopping smoking, diabetes control, illness and injury rehabilitation, the GP referral scheme and the cardiac rehabilitation.

The new facilities cannot come soon enough for 70-year-old Pamela Paton. Pamela, from Gainsborough, was referred to the Wednesday afternoon cardiac group after suffering a heart attack – it then emerged she had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Alongside her set programme, she also discovered other activities that she now really enjoys.

“I was referred to the cardiac group almost a year ago, but also it was suggested that I try Pilates – which I really enjoy at the Leisure Centre,” said Pamela, who says she now feels part of a real community.

“It’s nice to be around people who have experienced something similar, all of us at the group have been referred for a heart condition – there is a real sense of community. I feel much better and much healthier for coming to the group.

“I would always recommend this group, it is very beneficial, and you gain so much from coming here,” adds Pamela.

As she continues with her programme, she explained how it had made the whole family much happier.

“The group makes you aware that you really need to take care of yourself, but most importantly you need to enjoy yourself. My husband worries a lot less about me now, he just gets on with things because he can see how much I have improved,” she added.

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