Tackling abandoned shopping trolleys in Gainsborough

Tackling abandoned shopping trolleys in Gainsborough

Date published: 26 January 2018

Abandoned shopping trolleys in Gainsborough are an increasing issue – and the council is now consulting on a plan to tackle it.

Under Schedule 4 to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 the local authority can put in place a scheme to charge supermarkets for every trolley it has to collect from the street, and the supermarket must pay before it can get the trolley back.

Cllr Judy Rainsforth, ward member for the South West Ward Gainsborough said: “Most supermarkets are responsible and take all possible steps they can to prevent their trolleys being taken.

“However, abandoned trolleys are a significant concern in Gainsborough and I am approached by people on a weekly basis asking me what the council is doing about it because they make the area look untidy and uncared for. I also see people walking the trolleys out of the supermarket car parks and we need to take steps to prevent this.”

Cllr Gill Bardsley, vice chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee said: “We are looking at the possibility of introducing a set of proposed charges to incentivise methods of stopping trolleys from being taken from shops which should see a reduction in the number of trolleys abandoned around Gainsborough.”

This approach has been taken in other areas of the country and has resulted in a significant reduction abandoned trolleys. The scheme, while imposing a financial penalty, is intended to encourage supermarkets to take steps to prevent trolleys being taken in the first place.

Shoppers are reminded that removing a trolley and not returning it could be considered as theft, or as fly tipping if the trolley is dumped.

Consultation is open from 15 January 2018 – 26February 2018. Details of the scheme and surveys can be found at www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/shoppingtrolley or in the reception at the Guildhall.

Have you seen an abandoned shopping trolley in your area and know where it has come from? Please call the supermarket to report it and ask for it to be collected.

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