Popular council car parking permits now on sale!

Date published: 09 July 2018
Parking PERMIT

West Lindsey District Council is delighted to announce that its sought after parking permits for Gainsborough and Market Rasen are now available to buy. 

A freeze on the sale of permits was introduced due to the high demand and people were eager to put their name down on a waiting list.

To cater for the demand, the council, has created more spaces in Gainsborough town centre including 123 total spaces at the former Lidl site plus an additional 25 new spaces at Bridge Street.

It now means motorists can apply for a parking permit, which will save them the chore of paying each time they park, whilst also saving money over the daily tariffs.

The permits allow motorists to park in the following council owned car parks in Gainsborough;

  • North Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Lord Street
  • Whitton Gardens
  • Riverside

Motorists can also purchase a permit to park in the following council owned car parks in Market Rasen:

  • John Street
  • Mill Road
  • Festival Hall

The council has made the decision to restrict permit holders from parking in the short-stay car parks in Gainsborough at Ship Court and Roseway to support town centre businesses by increasing turnover of spaces in these car parks.

Cllr Judy Rainsforth, ward member for the South West Ward of Gainsborough hopes that the re-introduction of parking permits will aid those that park in Gainsborough often.

She said: “I was pleased to hear that the car parking permits have gone back on sale, they were very popular. It is great that permit holders can benefit from parking flexibly between the council car parks and not having to worry about the parking machines.

Cllr Rainsforth continues: “The council has restricted permit holders as to where they can park to encourage short stay visitors’ access to car parks closer to the town centre to access shops, banks and pharmacy’s.”

To purchase a parking permit, please contact Customer Services on 01427 676676 or call into the Guildhall at Marshall’s Yard, Gainsborough. Full details can be found on the council’s website at: www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/parkingpermits/ .

Don’t forget that if you are just popping into Gainsborough town centre for a quick visit – you can take advantage of the council’s one hour free parking in all council owned car parks.

As previously reported, the council introduced the offer from April 2018 to encourage more visitors and shoppers to the town centre.

Motorists using the one hour free will still need to collect a ticket from the machines and place it in their vehicles to display, this includes those people who pay by phone.

The free hour parking is part of the council’s car parking strategy, which plans to increase the number of spaces available in Gainsborough by 43 per cent over the next two years.

For the latest news on West Lindsey District Council visit: www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/councilnews

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