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Neighbourhood Plans reach critical stage!

Neighbourhood Plans reach critical stage!

Date published: 01 December 2017

It’s almost time for the residents of Lea and Scotter to have their say on Neighbourhood Plans.

The parishes of Lea and Scotter have been working towards their Neighbourhood Plans for a number of years, and it is almost time for a referendum where residents can decide to approve or reject the plan by voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at their local polling stations.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document, produced by a community, designed to enable local people to have a greater say in how their community develops in the future.

Documents are available to view on the following pages:

West Lindsey District Council’s election team have arranged for both referendums to take place on Thursday 7 December.

Keith Austin, member of the Lea Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group is delighted to see Lea’s Neighbourhood Plan reach this important stage.

He said: “We are so pleased to be able to offer a detailed and inspirational Neighbourhood Plan to parishioners, it’s so important that we all work together towards preserving and improving the village.

“Our approach focused on engagement with parishioners to determine their views on what in Lea is important to them. Preserving and improving the look and feel of our very pleasant village has been a guiding vision throughout; green spaces, woodland, our park and village amenities are all given protection by the plan.”

The Lea Neighbourhood Plan outlines that Lea will continue to be a green and pleasant village with a distinct local character and rural feel. The new housing allocated to Lea will provide a suitable range of houses to meet the needs and aspirations of the local community, whilst respecting the village’s unique character and wider countryside. Its community assets, green open spaces and public rights of way will have been enhanced in order to increase usability and the enjoyment of local residents old and new.  

As for Scotter’s Neighbourhood Plan it focusses on becoming a thriving area with good access to a range of shops, community services and employment opportunities. It will maintain and enhance its most valued local green spaces for the benefit of the local residents. New development in the settlement should be designed to enhance and preserve the character and the landscape of Scotter to ensure the rural village setting, provides benefit not only to new residents but also to the existing community.

Cllr Steve England, Vice Chair of the Council’s Prosperous Communities Committee and Members’ Champion for Neighbourhood Planning said “Neighbourhood Planning has been introduced as part of the Government’s agenda in devolving powers to local people. West Lindsey District Council is committed to supporting local communities who are preparing plans and it is great to see so many taking advantage of this splendid opportunity.”

Nev Brown, Senior Neighbourhood Planning Policy Officer at the council works closely with communities to help them develop a plan.

He said: “It’s great to see Lea and Scotter Neighbourhood Plans doing so well. Their local communities have put a lot of hard work into preparing the plans and I was delighted to hear that both plans had been recently given a big thumbs up by an independent examiner. With the referendum not far away Scotter and Lea parishes are now within touching distance of having their own planning frameworks in place to guide future development and conservation of their areas. This can only be excellent news for their residents and businesses.”

Next Steps      

  • Local residents within the Neighbourhood Area have an opportunity to vote whether they believe the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted by West Lindsey District Council and form part of the local planning policy documents for the district
  • If a majority ‘yes’ vote is decided, then a planning framework will be put in place for the parishes to guide future development and conservation

Lea and Scotter residents

To vote for your Neighbourhood Plan to be approved, please visit the relevant polling stations. You must be of legal age to vote.            


  • Lea Methodist Chapel, Gainsborough Road, Lea   


  • The Chapel, Schoolroom, High Street, Scotter
  • Barlings House Farm, Butterwick Road, Susworth
If you would like to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for your community, please contact Nev.Brown@west-lindsey.gov.uk

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