Lincolnshire dignitaries attend chairman’s civic service and reception

Date published: 24 September 2018
Cllr Mewis Civic Service

Dignitaries, from across Lincolnshire and further afield, gathered in West Lindsey to attend an official civic service.

The service for West Lindsey District Council’s Chairman, Cllr Pat Mewis, took place at St Peter’s Church, Scotter.

Among the guests who came to the event were Deputy Lord Lieutenant John Burke, Leader of West Lindsey District Council Cllr Jeff Summers, fellow Councillors and senior management.

Cllr Pat Mewis was appointed as Chairman of West Lindsey District Council in May 2018. This is an annual appointment and each year the Chairman hosts a civic service.

The Chairman was overwhelmed by the number of guests at the service in her local church and thanked everyone for joining her on this special day.

Cllr Mewis said: “I was delighted to welcome guests to our lovely village of Scotter, to the beautiful church but also to West Lindsey. Many people travelled a fair distance to attend, which meant a huge amount to me. I hope those who have not visited our area before will return another time to explore this lovely part of the Trent Valley.”

The civic service was conducted by Reverend David Swannack, and readings were given by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant John Burke, Cllr Jeff Summers and Cllr Sheila Bibb.

The Chairman gave a small speech and talked about the charities she is supporting this year in order to raise more awareness.

She said: “I think everyone knows about the wonderful work that is done at the Hospices, the help, comfort and peace of mind to those they look after, but also to their families, funding this work is very important and an ongoing battle.

“I have also decided to support Barnardos who have for a very long time looked after children who through no fault of their own have not had the best start in life.

“One part of their work was brought to my attention recently and it is that of supporting those who are leaving the ‘care system’, some at 16 and 17, and some over 18 years of age. Briefly, it is not to just send these young people out into the world to fend for themselves completely, but to make sure there will be some support until they are aged 25 that they can access if needed.

“A framework has been set up with some local Authorities to help provide this support. It is my intention to help provide some little extras needed through some of the funds raised during my year as Chairman in liaison with Lincolnshire County Council and Barnados. Making sure the young people are remembered at Christmas and Birthdays, small gifts of essentials when moving in to a flat, are just some examples.”

The proceeds of the collection at the church service will be split between the two charities at the end of the civic year.

The Eau Valley Singers, a community choir performed a number of hymns at the church including: ‘Make me a channel of your peace’.

The Service was followed by an Afternoon Tea reception at Scotter Village Hall, where everyone was invited to join the guests and enjoy some more music from the choir.

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