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Landlords urged to seek help as part of Empty Homes Week

Landlords urged to seek help as part of Empty Homes Week

Date published: 09 October 2017

More than 500 empty homes have been recorded in West Lindsey so far this year.

The figures, have been released by West Lindsey District Council to mark National Empty Homes week, (16 – 20 October). The local authority is keen to raise awareness of the services it offers to help reduce the number of empty homes across the district.

As of 1 October there have been 511 reported cases of long term (6 months or longer) empty properties, with 80 of these in the South West Ward alone.

If you are a landlord with an empty property – help and advice is available to help you restore your property, find tenants and much more.

Cllr Sheila Bibb, Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee at the council said: “We receive so many reports of empty homes, which is a real shame. Empty homes can not only look unsightly and devalue properties, but it also gives neighbourhoods a run-down feel which can lead to fly tipping and other issues.

“Bringing these empty properties back in to use will benefit so many people, offer more choices for people to live and much more. That is why we are trying to raise awareness about the support and advice available, and I would like to encourage landlords with empty properties to get in touch with us to discuss help available to restore them.”

Services available include:

  • A ‘tenant finding service’ where the council can help landlords with empty properties find ideal tenants
  • A property matching scheme for those interested in investing or selling in the area
  • A free schedule of works, where landlords can benefit from many free services such as checking that properties are compliant with the Housing Act 2004.

If you are a landlord with an empty property, you can visit the Guildhall and speak to our dedicated empty homes specialist and find out how the council can help you.

Residents or neighbours who have any concerns about an empty property in their area can report this to us. Simply visit https://www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/my-services/housing-and-home-choices/empty-homes/.

For the latest news on West Lindsey District Council visit: www.west-lindsey.gov.uk

Or follow us @WestLindseyDC or find us www.facebook.com/westlindseydistrictcouncil

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