Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s Theo Ancient to star in ‘The Shy Manifesto’ at the Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough

Date published: 12 November 2018
The Shy Manifesto

Joe C. Brown and Anthony Hollis Productions are delighted to announce the tour of a new one-man play ‘The Shy Manifesto’, written by Michael Ross, directed by Cat Robey and starring Theo Ancient (Albus Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child). ‘The Shy Manifesto’ will be touring nationally, and will be at the Trinity Arts Centre February 12 2019.

‘The Shy Manifesto’ is a bittersweet coming-of-age comedy drama about a shy boy who has had enough of constantly being told to come out of his shell. 17-year-old Callum is proud to be shy and he thinks you should be too, because what this noisy, crazy world really needs right now is some more self-restraint. Callum delivers his manifesto, exploring adolescence, isolation, self-loathing and sexuality, and encourages his audience of radical shy comrades to finally rise up and inherit the earth.However, will memories of the previous night's drunken escapades at a classmate's end-of-term party upend the fragile identity he has created for himself?

Craig Sanders, Trinity Arts Centre Manager said: "We are delighted to bring The Shy Manifesto to Lincolnshire. It's a play that will resonate with many people and with an award-winning team behind the production, it’s guaranteed to be a fantastic piece of theatre.

“Cat Robey (Director) and I met when we were both involved with a production at HOME Manchester a couple of years ago and I have been inspired by her creative genius ever since. We are very lucky to have this show come to our theatre."

Producers Joe C. Brown and Anthony Hollis said of ‘The Shy Manifesto’: “Shyness is one of those paradoxical things - so many people experience it, and yet each sufferer feels uniquely alone. The Shy Manifesto takes this experience as its central subject, something which has rarely been explored in drama, and invites the world to embrace it as a positive personality trait.”

Michael Ross, the playwright, added: “I'm thrilled that The Shy Manifesto is touring to so many great venues across the country and I'm really interested to see how different audiences respond to the show.”

Alongside the show, the producers are pleased to be able to offer workshop sessions facilitated by Theo Ancient. ‘The Shy Manifesto’ has strong themes that are relatable to many young people, and Theo would like to offer the opportunity for the exploration of these themes through drama. Theo has over six years’ experience running workshops and education programmes, and he feels passionately about bringing drama opportunities to all young people, especially those living in hard-to-reach areas. These workshop sessions can cater for a range of ages and/or examination boards to ensure they meet the aims of the curriculum.

Theo Ancient recently starred as Albus Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End.

Tickets are available now by visiting www.trinityarts.co.uk, or by calling 01427 676655

For more information, visit: www.TheShyManifesto.com or follow The Shy Manifesto on twitter at #TheShyManifesto

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